Using Art (Therapy) to Reach the Heart

I’m Miriam Duskis, an art therapist in private practice.

The million-dollar question, which I get asked all the time, is “Well, what exactly is art therapy?”

Honestly, that’s a great question.

Art therapy is a healing modality that uses the process of art to achieve healthy change. 

Art therapy is powerful for many reasons. One of my favorite reasons is that art speaks for itself. As was true for me, you might have had experiences where your voice was stifled or silenced. Maybe there was no one to listen or understand what was going on inside you.

With expressive art therapy, you can speak through creative imagery and symbols. Your art images speak for you. 

To do art therapy, you don’t need to be an artist at all. I’ll help you with the artsy stuff if that’s getting in your way… the art just gets you moving in the direction you want.

Expressive art therapy uses the creative arts to help people of all ages and in a variety of life situations. It’s a powerful way to improve your emotional health and well-being.

While doing creative art therapy, you can express yourself, gain insight, learn coping skills, and decrease stress.  You do not need any previous talent or art experience to benefit from art therapy.

A common myth is that expressive art therapy is only for children. While it is wonderful for children, the same is true for adults.

Not only is the process fun and engaging, it helps you learn about yourself. It’s often easier to express what’s going on inside you without using words.

You’re already an adult, and you deserve to have your voice heard. Only you can do this for yourself, and perhaps now is the right time. 

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